Shin Godzilla


Some people just don't tire of a good old monster flick. Japan especially. This film is, believe it or not, the 31st instalment in the Godzilla franchise produced in the land of the rising sun - and monster, clearly.

You would think perhaps, that other monsters of that area are slightly miffed at the on-going popularity of this battling beast, but their union seems unable to stop him in his destructible tracks; considering his impressive size, you'd expect his head to be even bigger than it is. But ego can be a dangerous thing.

When Tokyo Bay's Aqua-Line is flooded, the powers that be initially believe that it was caused by an earthquake. This is soon cast aside when a huge monster is spotted in the water. Panic doesn't set in just yet as it appears that it is contained within the country's waterways. And then it evolves into a land-walking foe. Then the panic starts.

boom reviews Shin Godzilla
I can't see any giant monster. Oh wait...

With scientists scratching their heads, the Prime Minister Selji Okochi (Ren Ȏsugi) is left with no other choice than to unleash a military attack. When the guns and missiles fail to make an impression, the politicians have to resort to plan b. Now what was plan b again?...

With film-goers seemingly happy to see the return of big beasts to the big screen, with King Kong'sKing Kong's return as well as Godzilla, but this particular title fails to make an impact.

The film, possibly due to budget restraints, focuses on the political meltdown that a monster's arrival brings to a country. it's like watching the most boring episode of House of Cards, with far too much chit chat for a film of this ilk.

boom reviews Shin Godzilla
Replacing the traditional Christmas tree with something new, was always going to be a risk.

And then you have the beastie itself. It feels like it's a CGI effort from the seventies, that's been wrapped in virtual bubble wrap, and recently discovered in the bottom of a box stored in the back of a cupboard. If that wasn't bad enough, it appears to have those plastic googly eyes stuck on its head; so when the monster moves, its eyes never do, as well as never blink, which makes it look as threatening as a sock puppet.

With this 31st effort, perhaps the franchise should have been rested even longer, as the quality you'd expect from a decent monster film, just isn't there. If they couldn't have realised a more impressive Godzilla, then they really shouldn't have bothered at all.

Less a monster hit and more a horrific disappointment.

we give this two out of five