Song to Song


Director Terrence Malick is like catnip to actors; just the mention of his name is enough to get them to meow like crazy, chase their own tails and lick their own bits.

To prove this point, his latest project sees Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Natalie Portman dig deep and search their souls to reveal the real truth in their characters. Or something like that.

BV (Gosling) is a musician and lyricist. Faye (Mara) is also into her music. Cook (Fassbender) is a music industry big wig who is into BV, but also digs Faye. After a while, they all move on to other people. And end scene.

boom reviews Song to Song
That's a sign of a true creative when they shit in the pool.

Malick's last watchable film was undoubtedly The Thin Red Line. Which was released in 1998. Since then he has made a number of esoteric (read dull) projects that big named actors have flocked to appear in. And this is no exception.

Unfortunately, Malick can get away with making anything these days. Except a film with a decent plot that is. This film in particular is the cinematic cure for insomnia.

It has no story of note; it has under-developed characters who have no redeemable qualities whatsoever; and it soon makes you feel like doing anything other than sit through it.

boom reviews Song to Song
When I said were you on the menu, I was being post modern, ovbs.

It's less a film and more a filmed workshop for actors to explore bland characters. And to that end it's understandable why the director attracts such big names; it gives them the chance to make stuff up and see it up on the big screen as opposed to on the cutting room floor, where most of it belongs.

And despite this film being set in the world of music, it is lyrically stunted. It lacks rhythm and, more importantly, is completely devoid of any soul.

If Malick continues with his disappointing forays into experimental cinema, he should do it on his own time and not subject it to a paying audience.

we give this one out of five