Off With Their Heads

by Kaiser Chiefs

For some peculiar reason, Ricky Wilson and co have been getting a little flack from the press of late. If your singles donít all queue up to be number ones, you have no career. Apparently. Thankfully the band chirped up and said they werenít intending to go anywhere, and that they were rather proud of this album. And so they should be.

Kaiser Chiefs - Off With Their Heads

This, their third long player, cements their position as one of the finest bands in the kingdom. Growling guitars kick off the opening track Spanish Metal, which is heavily laced with a noise and volume that donít often make an appearance on a Kaiser Chiefs track. And it works well with the knobs turned up. Talking of knobs, Mark Ronson has his hands all over theirs, in his capacity of producer once again. And thereís no doubt he knows how to twiddle them.

Never Miss A Beat and Like It Too Much are the kind of ultra-catchy, toe-tapping, head swaying songs the band can write in a very deep sleep. Maybe even whilst sleepwalking, with pen in hand, obviously.

Helping out these Leeds lads with less mockney than usual on Always Happens Like That is Lilly Allen, although you really have to concentrate to pick her out.

Itís an album that wonít change the world then Ė but letís face it, how many do? What it will do is make you feel proud to own a Kaiser Chiefs album; one that should be displayed prominently in your collection, for all to see, and more importantly, hear.

four out of five