boom game reviews - overcooked2 Overcooked 2 - [PS4, Xbox One, PC]: It will come as a surprise to many of our younger readers that there came a time when food didn’t come in tight plastic wrapping or a thin cardboard shell. Even older members of society are now relying on ping dinners, served in plastic trays, all in the name of convenience. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Mario Tennis Aces Mario Tennis Aces - Switch: Plumbers hate exercise. Fact. Anyone who has had the misfortune to have to call one out for a leaky wotsit can testify to that. The closest they ever come to exercise is lifting their heavy wallets after extortionate call-out charges. Are we right? Yes, we most certainly are. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Kirby Star Allies Kirby Star Allies - Switch: There are a handful of gaming characters who have surpassed being mere gaming characters and have become cultural icons around the world, the likes of Mario, Sonic, Link and Lara Croft. [***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - Gravel Gravel - [Xbox One, PS4, PC]: With the racing sim being one of the most popular genres in gaming, it’s understandable that trying to come up with an original name that will really stand out can be hard. But seriously though, Gravel? Apparently it could have been a lot worse, with Grit and Tarmac both strong contenders.It should have just been called Nigel and be done with it. [***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - Samsara Samsara - Xbox One: Getting from A to B can be quite challenging; after all, not all doors slide open when you approach them, and not all stairs move up and down. It’s easy then to appreciate the obstacles Zee has to face, when he attempts to leave the mystical land of Croydon. No, wait – Samsara. [***READ MORE***]
boom reviews - Kingdom Come Kingdom Come - [PS4, Xbox One, PC]:
Every gamer loves a challenge, but it’s difficult to compete with a game that hates you. You see, Kingdom Come: Deliverance does everything it possibly can to put you off playing it. And it does a great job of it. [***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - Assassin's Creed Origins Assassin's Creed Origins - PS4, Xbox One, PC: There's a current trend that games in general, and so-called AAA titles in particular follow. Once they get so far with a series, they wonder where to go next with it. Invariably, some bright spark chirps up and offers "I know, what about going back to the beginning...". Battlefield's done it, so has COD, and even Rayman went back to his roots. Obviously the one everyone is waiting for is FIFA; players with moustaches, running around with long shorts and long sleeves, kicking something that's almost spherical around, with DLC including a kickabout in no man's land in 1914. [***READ MORE***]
boom reviews - Destiny 2 Destiny 2 - [PS4, Xbox One, PC]:
So, here we are again. A sequel to the hugely popular shooter that attempted to change it up a bit as far as the multiplayer experience was concerned. It wasn't overwhelmingly received however, as the story was deemed on the dull side, but it certainly did enough right to tempt gamers with a second instalment. And here it is. [***READ MORE***]
boom reviews - PES 18 PES 18 - Xbox One, PS4, PC: Everyone loves an underdog and Konami's football title has been just that for a number of years now. Top dog is of course FIFA, but snapping at its heels has always been PES. Over the years, PES has actually been a better sim than its competitor - and by better we mean more fun. The ball has moved across the pitch with more zip, and you could have games with goals galore. Ah fun times indeed. [***READ MORE***]
boom reviews - Agents of Mayhem Agents of Mayhem - PS4, Xbox One, PC: According to this latest shooter set in a futuristic Seoul, the South Korean capital is swell. Which is a relief, considering all the current shenanigans north of its borders. That said, despite all its pretty neon and holographic signs - think Blade Runner meets Hello Kitty - the city does take a bit of a pummelling. You see there's evil afoot by way of the dastardly L.E.G.I.O.N - League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations. as the name suggests, they want to take over the world, which is bad news for all concerned. [***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - Splatoon 2 Splatoon 2 - Switch: To say we were miffed with Nintendo regarding all things Wii U is an understatement. Let's face it, it wasn't cheap on release, but pure Nintendo-ites didn't mind. It transpires that we have less than ten games for the console, which is far less than we have for any other system. In fact we've kissed more girls than that, and that's saying something. OK, so when we say girls, we mean have been licked by an animal, but it's pretty much the same thing. Everyone however, seems to be loving the Switch though. Except for us. Don't mind us if we're a tad on the sceptical side. We've been burnt before. [***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - Dirt 4 Dirt 4 - PS4, Xbox One, PC: Ah the driving genre. The wind in your hair, the skid marks in the rear mirror and the occasional pesky blue shell up your bum. It’s not difficult to see why these games are popular, but, especially in this latest generation of consoles, the driving genre has seemingly stalled. A good example is Mario Kart 8. Yes the Switch version is heaps of fun, but the game is essentially three years old as it was first released on the Wii U in 2014. And then there’s the Dirt series. [***READ MORE***]
boom reviews - Fishing Sim World Fishing Sim World - [Xbox One, PS4, PC]:
You’re in the middle of an adventure, with enemies breathing down your neck, baying for your blood. Do you fight or take flight? Many times though, there’s a more relaxing third option: fish. [***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - PES 19 PES 19 - [PS4, Xbox One, PC]: It’s been a pretty good year for the beautiful game, what with Russia hosting the World Cup during the summer. And with the Premier League already up and running, the appetite for football has never been stronger.[***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - Airheart Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings - [Xbox One, PS4, PC]: Just so you know, this isn’t a gaming interpretation of the classic 1985 Mr Mister song. Now once you’ve processed that disappointment, we can move on. Instead, what we have is a curious, top down, plane shooter, set in a gorgeous cel-shaded world. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - ONRUSH ONRUSH - Xbox One, PS4, PC: When is a race not a race? More to the point, when is a racer not a racer? When it’s ONRUSH. This new IP from racing gurus Codemasters, certainly takes the bog standard racing game in a different direction. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Switch: In 1981 Donkey Kong must have thought he’d won the lottery. Not only was his name plastered on the front of an arcade machine, he sat proudly at the top of every screen as some red-capped shmuck tried, over and over, to knock him down. He looked invincible. He could see it now: the lunch box endorsements; the invites to the Playboy mansion; nights out getting sozzled with the Brat Pack whilst getting ‘caught’ snogging Molly Ringwald outside The Viper Club by the Hollywood paparazzi. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Dragon Quest Builders Dragon Quest Builders - Switch: We’re not ones for reinforcing stereotypes, but even we have to concede that all builders are the same. You have to ply them constantly with weak tea with four sugars in order for them not to build a wall around your front door for a laugh. But the last laugh is on them, because as everyone knows, true gamers never leave the house anyway. [***READ MORE***]
boom game reviews - Monster Energy Supercross Monster Energy Supercross - PS4, Xbox One, PC: It’s funny how some sports just don’t travel well. The US, surprisingly, has a number of sports that many outside the States just don’t get. Baseball, for instance, and, as much as they try, US football has still to make a significant impact, particularly on our shores. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Shadow of War Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Xbox One, PS4, PC: If you're a PC gamer, then you're no doubt already accustomed to worlds populated by orcs, ghűls, graugs and the like. If that's the case, the chances are relatively high that you don't go out much and that the sensation of the sun hitting your skin is an unfamiliar one. Console gamers however, have had less exposure to these types of creatures. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Mariokart 8 Deluxe Mariokart 8 Deluxe - Switch: The best karting videogame without dispute of course goes to Mario. The now infamous red shells have been flying around Nintendo devices for years now, and they always pass the chequred flag in pole position. There's a beautiful simplicity surrounding them that is just makes them a joy to play. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Battlefield 1 Battlefield 1 Xbox One, PS4, PC: War, what is it good for? Well, if you're EA or Activision, it's good for filling bank accounts to the brim from gamers shelling out a fortune, year after year, for the latest incarnation of their blockbusting franchises. Between Activision's Call of Duty series and EA's Battlefield, their head to head record often sees EA's franchise coming off second best. But in this war, considering the huge amount of moolah they both generate, there are no losers. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Watchdogs 2 Watchdogs 2 - Xbox One, PS4, PC: It's hard to imagine but there was a time before the internet: books had sleeves not faces, birds were less angry, and the only thing Amazon delivered was a lot of rain in its forests. Ah simpler times. Today we are all permanently plugged into something, invariably all leading to the super information highway. Those three Ws are a key to a weird, wild and occasionally wonderful online world.In 2014, Ubisoft released Watch Dogs, which saw you playing as a computer hacker, hacking your way through the city of Chicago. It was an interesting premise, but was lacking in its EXECution. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Aragami Aragami - PS4, PC: Just to be clear, this isn't the game about folding paper we've all been waiting for. This is actually a game about sneaking in the shadows and not getting caught. In real life this kind of behaviour would normally result in a court/restraining order, but in the world of video games, anything goes. You play the titular character, an assassin, who finds himself in that awkward position of being not quite alive and not quite dead - we've all been there. In this undead state, Aragami discovers that he has supernatural powers; these mainly manifest themselves around shadows, which he can manipulate to a certain extent. [***READ MORE***]
boom games reviews - Metroid Prime: Federation Force Metroid Prime: Federation Force [3DS]: Gamers can be such touchy folk; when this title was announced at 2015’s E3 event, it was greeted with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for stinky lepers. Not that they didn’t like what they saw, per se, but it just wasn’t what they wanted, which is a Metroid Prime game proper, and not yet another spin-off. It was always going to be an uphill battle since then, and it has been. Fans even started an on-line petition to cancel the title completely, which picked up a number of signatures, such was the harsh resistance to this particular game. Ouch [***READ MORE***]