Puss in Boots: the Last Wish

PG¦ Blu-ray, DVD

So you may have come across something like this in your social media feeds, when there’s a picture of an object, and if you know what it is – like the spindle to a vinyl record, for instance - it’s supposed to make you feel really old.

But if you want to feel old, there’s an easier way, in just dating films you remember. Such as Shrek; it was a great animated film, right? Doesn’t feel like it came out all that long ago. Wrong. It was 2001 people. That’s right, 22 years ago.

If it seems like a long time to you, imagine what it feels like for its stars, such as Antonio Banderas, who played Puss in Boots.

He did of course also appear in the spin-off flick of the same name Puss in Boots - released 12 years ago.

It’s taken its sweet time getting here, but this sequel has finally arrived, let’s just hope we can keep our eyes open through it. Not because it’s boring, it’s not, but because, well, you know, we’re all really older now...

boom reviews Puss in Boots: the Last Wish
So there was an English dog, an Irish dog and a Scottish dog...

Enjoying life in the town of Del Mar is everyone’s favourite fighting feline Puss in Boots (Banderas). He’s the life and soul of a party he’s throwing that gets a little out of paw. So much so that he soon finds himself in the company of a vet, who has some bad news for him; it transpires that he’s been pretty cavalier over the years, and finds himself in a position where he’s forgotten how many of his nine lives he’s used up. The vet informs him that it’s been eight – meaning he’s on his last one.

This serves as a wake-up call for the cool kitty, as he thinks deeply on how he can deal with this situation.

Then he hears of a magical wishing star that can grant him any wish, and so he thinks this is the best option to get his lives back.

But he’s not the only one who’s aware of this wishing star, and each have their own reason for finding it. But the question is, who will find it first?

boom reviews Puss in Boots: the Last Wish
You can't be mad at me just because i got paid three times more in cat food as you did.

Big studio animated films such as this, coming from those crazy cats at DreamWorks, usually end up having a fairly mediocre story, making up for it with a colourful film and larger than life characters. Not so this film. It is certifiably bonkers, and wonderfully so. It involves a number of characters from classic children’s stories, such as Goldilocks and the three bears, and throws them into a pretty trippy flick.

On top of that, there’s also a little underlying pathos to it too, with its main character facing his own mortality, which is pretty dark material for a family film.

And then there is the animation, which is truly impressive. It’s both bold and striking, with its use of changing styles of animation throughout, making it a real feast for the eyes. It’s no surprise then that it’s been nominated for an Oscar, which it richly deserves.

And although Banderas may well be a lot older than his first appearance many years ago, it doesn’t matter thanks to the magical properties of animation, with Puss both looking and sounding exactly the same.

It’s also a film that can be appreciated without either being an oldie, or having seen any of the previous instalments in this or the Shrek franchises themselves, working perfectly well as a standalone piece. Of course if you have seen the previous films, and still manage to remember them, it makes the film that little bit more entertaining.

But if you are older, there are little nuggets of gold for you, like a Cricket character doing its best James Stewart impersonation, circa his it’s a Wonderful Life performance. A younger audience will see just a cute cricket, so it’s nice it has a few levels to it.

Although the majority of animated films are considered suitable for the entire family, that often usually means that you’re going to put up with sitting through it to keep the kids happy. Not so Puss in Boots: The Last Wish; it’s hugely entertaining and can be enjoyed with or without the rest of the family, so go on, treat yourself, you’re only old once.

we give this four out of five