She Came to Me


Although the name Rebecca Miller may not be all that familiar to you, the author, actress and director comes from remarkable stock; her mother was Austrian Magnum photographer Inge Morath, and her father renowned playwright Arthur Miller.

On top of that, she also happens to be known as Lady Day-Lewis, a title you get for being married to none other than acting royalty Daniel.

With her latest film, that she also wrote, she certainly puts her creative juices to good use with this quirky romantic comedy.

boom reviews She Came to Me
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Since his nervous breakdown, composer Steven has suffered from writer’s block for the last five years and is struggling to create his next big opera.

His wife Patricia (Anne Hathaway) is very sympathetic, which you would hope for being a therapist, but is going through some anguish of her own.

She forces him out of the house one day, to take their dog for a walk and meet people, in the hope of helping with his professional funk, which leads him to a bar at 11am. There he meets Katrina (Marisa Tomei), who is unlike any woman he has ever met. The experience certainly helps on a professional level, but his personal life begins to unravel all around him, stretching to those around him too.

boom reviews She Came to Me
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At its most simplest, Miller’s film is about love, and the various forms it takes. But it’s more layered than that. Possibly too much. It is not a typical Hollywood rom-com, despite the familiar faces. The fact that its protagonist is an opera composer is a fairly good indicator of that.

Every character has their own rich story, which Miller indulges in. It’s this attention to detail that gives it a theatrical quality, as if it was firstly written for the stage. But the fact it doesn’t conform to a regular studio rom-com gives it its undeniable charm.

It’s also a film full of strong female characters, with all of them having more depth than the male protagonist. Hathaway plays very much to type, initially at least, being a sharply presentable professional woman, but then suffers a crisis of faith that takes over her completely, leading to a surprising moment.

And then you have Tomei, whose appearance in any film only makes you want to see more off her. And this is just the kooky role that highlights her considerable talents.

It’s one of those wonderful curiosities then, that stands out by being so very original, catching you completely by surprise.

It must be difficult for Miller, whose name is unlikely to be mentioned on its own – as indeed was the case here – and to be constantly associated with others, but she proves here that she undoubtedly has both a unique voice and talent, that can not only stand on its own two feet, but perform ever so brightly on the world stage.

She Came to Me is a great, quirky twist on the bog standard rom-com, that is a beautifully nuanced piece of writing, which may well be its undoing reaching a larger audience, but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that it’s a quietly superior, sophisticated rom-com worthy of attention.

we give this four out of five