Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Poor old Peter Parker; it seems that Marvel are intent on having him as the Peter Pan of the superhero universe by never allowing him to grow up. This is the third re-boot for the web-slinger (and the sixth Spidey film to be released since 2002) and although not another origins story - thank Thor for that - he's still yet to graduate from high school. Which begs the question - are Marvel ever going to let him literally man up?

A new re-boot obviously means a new face to play him, and this time round yet another young Brit, Tom Holland, gets to take the iconic outfit out for a spin.

Who said war isn't good for business? After the battle of New York, Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) and his salvage company were literally paid to clean up the mess. Only thinking sometime afterwards that there might be some sensitive alien technology left behind in the wreckage, the D.O.D.C (Department of Damage Control) - a joint venture between the government and Stark Industries - decide to give Toomes the heave-ho and clean up the mess themselves.

boom reviews Spider-Man homecoming
I really regret wearing this onsie for a dare now.

Obviously a bit miffed by the decision, Toomes decides to keep what they've already scavenged, and use some of the alien technology they found to create some awesome weapons to sell.

Fast forward eight years, and a young Peter Parker (Holland) is eager to fulfil his potential as the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) doesn't think he's quite ready for the big leagues yet i.e. sign up as a full time member of the Avengers, but does allow Happy (Jon Favreau) to act as his handler of sorts.

Parker disagrees with Stark, and decides to go out on his own as Spider-Man, to fight crime in New York. One night, when webbing about, he comes across some guys robbing an ATM with some über impressive tech. He then discovers that they are working for Toomes, who, with a high-tech suit of his own, goes by the name Vulture. Ready or not Parker is thrusted into the superhero limelight to take on his very first nemesis.

Even though it's hugely disappointing that Peter Parker is still yet to put the 'man' into his superhero moniker, this web-slinging effort has a lot going for it, namely Holland himself. Although his CV to date isn't exactly brimming with experience, he manages to impress greatly as Peter Parker. He emotes a youthful, puppy dog enthusiasm throughout, that just suits the role perfectly. He's yet to have the full selection of heavy woes on his shoulders from having such great powers, so he's simply having fun with it, and it shows.

boom reviews Spider-Man Homecoming
I hate it when the lift doesn't work.

The lightness beams throughout the entire film itself, thanks to director Jon Watts, who considering his own lack of experience (this is only his third crack at directing a feature), doesn't do much wrong.

Even the fact that the film has very few set pieces, and the ones that it does have aren't that impressive, doesn't let the film down. Although there's something troublingly unreal about the CGI Spidey, who looks more like an animated rag doll with the way his limbs float about in the air, with little in the way of substance.

Where it shines is in the relationships that Parker develops, particularly with his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon), and his awkwardness around the opposite of sex. It's also great to see Marisa Tomei, although slightly disturbing as she plays a very young, hip and dare we say it, hot Aunt May. Whoever decided that the usually grey-haired Aunt May character should be milfed-up, should have a quiet word with themselves.

It's difficult not to suffer from superhero fatigue, with more and more entries from Marvel and DC coming at audiences faster than speeding bullets, and yet this Spidey adventure, although not entirely a new spin on his story, is a fun and frothy offering that does whatever a Spider-Man film can, but that little bit better.

we give this four out of five