All The Plans

by Starsailor

Sometimes itís all too easy to forget how good a band is. Even more true is that itís just as easy to forget the band altogether. Starsailor probably slip in somewhere between the two.

Starsailor - All The Plans

The last album from this Wigan combo was 2005ís On The Outside. It set neither the world nor, more importantly in this day and age, the charts on fire.

This then, is their fourth long player. Itís released on another label (Virgin) and may well be their last stab at reminding the world what a talent they are. And itís quite the reminder.

It could be said that singer James Walsh has a Marmite voice Ė you either love it or loathe it. From here though, itís his unique warble that puts the ĎStarí into the bandís name. It instantly whips up a heightened sense of emotion that other singers would give their gold back teeth for.

You couldnít ask for a better album opener. Tell Me Itís Not Over sets out the Starsailor stool, and what this LP offers, very nicely indeed. It has guitar riffs, drumbeats and vocals all in the right places, underlined by an edgy sense of urgency.

Boy In Waiting dispenses with that immediately, as it adopts a Country vibe. And it doesnít make you feel like bringing up your breakfast, which is a pleasant surprise.

And so the good times continue to roll, rather effortlessly too. OK, the intro to All The Plans does sound disturbingly like an Oasis song (you know, any one of their songs, as they all pretty much sound the same anyway), but then Walshís vocals kick in and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Letís just hope that thereís not a foreboding sense of irony with the track You Never Get What You Deserve, because Starsailor deserve more success than they currently receive. Theyíve proven here that theyíre far from down and out, and that click wheels (or touch screens if youíre that way inclined) around the world should head over to the ĎSí section, scroll down and give Starsailor another go. You wonít regret it.

four out of five