Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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Although Arnie uttered the immortal line "I'll be back" in The Terminator in 1984, it took him a good seven years to make good on his promise.

The sequel may well have been a long time coming, but it was certainly worth the wait when it eventually sprung up in 1991.

Now, sixteen years on from its original release, James Cameron has given his film a digital make-over, meaning that, among other things, the T-1000 is that little more shinier than before, with this 4K, 3D restoration number.

boom reviews Terminator 2: Judgement Day
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John Connor is one little trouble magnet. Because of his actions in the future, a nearly indestructible cyborg was sent from the future to the past, to kill his mum Sarah (Linda Hamilton) before he was born, so that he never happens.

When that fails, the John in the future decides to send a terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back into the past, to act as a bodyguard to the teenage John (Edward Furlong). Pesky Skynet however, are one step ahead, as they also send a terminator, to finish off the job the first ever one sent failed to do. This time though, they send a new, upgraded model, the T-1000 (Robert Patrick), which is basically Terminator 2.0, therefore more than ready for what the older model and the Connor's can throw at him.

When this much-anticipated sequel was finally released, it blew audiences away with its incredible special effects. It was a time when director Cameron was not only still tinkering with flourishing CGI, but also integrating them with heart-pounding visual stunts. Used in conjunction with one another, audiences had never seen results quite like it.

boom reviews Terminator 2: Judgement Day
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Even though we are spoilt with what technology can achieve in cinema now - some even saying to the detriment to the art of storytelling itself - Terminator 2: Judgement Day, despite all the time-travelling, has managed to stand the test of time remarkably well.

Yes it scrubs up well, under Cameron's supervision, with its 4K restoration, making it as fresh as the first time it was released. But like any true modern classic, the visuals don't get in the way of a really good story from being told well.

The one surprise however is the 3D conversion and how underwhelming it is. Sadly it adds nothing of worth, and ultimately, you're better off watching the 4K version instead.

This restored release is a timely reminder - being the last decent film Cameron made, before helming his dull boat flick and that one about smurf-like aliens - that once upon a time he knew what he was doing, and what he did - like this - was definitely worth a watch.

we give this four out of five