Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Switch party, multiplayer

If there’s one video character who likes to have dreamy adventures it’s Kirby; the pink puffy one has appeared in over seven of his own games with the word ‘dream’ in the title (admittedly one of them was a compilation) with this making the seventh.

It’s also fair to say that Kirby has had one of the most varied experiences throughout his gaming career, that has included puzzle games, pinball, fighting and rhythm – although not at the same time – as well as his platforming adventures both in 2D and most recently 3D with the wildly entertaining Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

This time however, he rolls up in a multiplayer game, that certainly looks a treat.

boom reviews Kirby’s Dream Buffet
What's that? I have something on my face?!

The main element of the game is a race; Kirby and up to three others, roll over a beautifully decorated course with a cake theme, collecting strawberries along the way. The first over the line with the most strawberries, wins.

Eating all those strawberries means that Kirby and his competitors can put on a bit of timber, which is no bad thing here as you can throw your weight around and literally knock your opponents off course.

And that, sadly, is about it.

boom reviews - Kirby’s Dream Buffet
I know it's Bob's birthday bash, but I really fancied tapas.

Think of it as a severely pared down version of Fall Guys, and you’re on the right track.

There are other elements included too, like a few sprinkled minigames, some of which are Battle Royale style, that can be played individually, or part of Battle Mode, which just sees up to five of them thrown in together to make a longer competition.

It’s certainly the multiplayer element that gives the game an extra helping, as you can play with up to four at a time, together on the one system or locally, as well as online. Certainly the single player experience is on the light side, which will definitely leave you hungry for more content.

And that’s the game’s problem. What there is of it is fine, but there’s nowhere near enough if it to hold your interest for long. It may be Kirby’s idea of a dream buffet, but not ours. We’d expect the widest range of an English breakfast known to man, an overwhelming selection of pastries, the most exotic fruit selection, with a fresh waffle machine that never ended. Whereas this is more like one type of cereal – cornflakes – with two day old bread for a toaster that can only toast one side at a time, very, very slowly.

There’s no doubting it looks yummy, proving to be a dream come true for those with a sweet tooth, or a horrific nightmare for those with diabetes, with the courses covered in whipped cream, dripping butter, and chocolate puddles to slow you down. Visually it’s reminiscent of the sweet level in Castle of Illusion featuring Mickey Mouse.

But they are all empty calories, which will leave you craving for more.

Coming off the back of a tremendous game like Forgotten land, not only do gamers deserve a whole lot better than this, but Kirby does himself.

Admittedly it’s not a full priced title, even Nintendo realise that would be taking the biscuit, but in its present state, this really should have been a free-to-play title.

Kirby may well consider it a buffet, but the reality is, it’s more of a light snack, with so very little in the way of content, leaving you with an appetite for something far more substantial.

we give this two out of five