Rayman Origins


It's a testament to the hardware that Sony have created with their new handheld that a console game can appear exactly the same on the Vita. That said, Rayman Origins, although beautifully rendered, isn't going to push the boundaries of any machine it graces with its simple 2D designs.

So in squeezing in exactly the same game onto the Vita, it almost makes a review of this version redundant. So for the full tour of the game, you should check out our review of it here.

The only real difference with this version is the lack of any multiplayer. But considering the single player campaign is so seriously solid, it's no great loss.

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I can't help but be hyperactive after a party pack of Um Bongo!

In an attempt to make out that this version has a few extras, Ubisoft have announced two extras that the console version doesn't. One of them is the ability to pinch the screen to enlarge the area you're in, and the other is a Ghost Mode where you can compete in speed runs for the fastest times through a level. Wow Ubisoft, with these 'extras' you're really spoiling us. Not.

There's no point beating around the bush here, despite how lush it looks on screen, this is nothing more than a straight port. And despite the incredibly exciting prospect of being able to pinch the screen, the game doesn't take advantage of any of the new bells and whistles that the Vita boasts.

So the upshot is, sadly, that if you already own the console version, there's nothing new here worthy of picking up a Vita copy.

But if you don't own the console version, this 2D platformer looks and plays superbly on the not so small screen. So if you're a fan of the platforming genre, Rayman Origins is the perfect game to start your Vita collection.

four out of five